The Sandwich Shop’s guiding philosophy is simple: we only serve what we eat. Every day, we put our favourite ingredients between freshly-baked slices of bread. There’s no central kitchen—our food’s made from scratch at each of our outlets, with equal parts honesty and effort.

Our chillers are designed for fresh fruits and vegetables, but we stock them with sandwiches instead of produce. They remind us why we got into this business. The best meals are made from the freshest, tastiest ingredients. Your quick lunch should be no different.

About Us

We only
what we eat.

Honesty and freshness are at the heart of what we do. It means we have to be good to our people, and true to our ingredients. Every morning, we get to the shop at 6am—the same time as the ingredients. We slice and dice, season and sauté, and peel our avocados at exactly the right ripeness.

When you work with an ingredient for long enough, you understand what makes it great. It’s true in both food and business. Some of our chefs and bakers have been with us for 13 years now: long enough to perfect the recipe.

Sure, a sandwich is the simplest lunch. But to us, simplicity is a kind of mastery.

For a cold sandwich to work, every ingredient has to be ideal, even the bread. And our bread’s as fresh as anything else we serve. White bread, brown bread, baguettes: the size, taste and texture of each loaf is custom-made for our sandwiches, and good enough to be eaten cold. We don’t use preservatives; you’ll never eat a slice that wasn’t made today.

It’s a lot of effort for a simple grab-and-go sandwich. In fact, it’s probably the slowest ‘quick lunch’ you’ve ever eaten. But being true to what makes a good sandwich is what keeps us coming into work before sunrise, every single day.

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We don’t
in leftovers

A business is only as good as the community it serves. We’re proud to give our food, resources and time to Food From the Heart and the Singapore Children’s Society.

Food From
The Heart


Food From the Heart was started in 2003, to distribute leftover food and bread from restaurants, bakeries and hotels to those who need it. Every day, we donate sandwiches that aren’t sold, so not a single crumb goes to waste. In 2014, Food From the Heart distributed over 30,000 meals. We consider ourselves lucky to have been part of that.



The Singapore Children’s Society was established in 1952 to help kids who are less fortunate, or who find themselves in difficult situations. In 2014, the Society reached out to 68,292 youths and families. We’re proud to support them in the annual Walk for Our Children, and with our annual Christmas donation drive at every Sandwich Shop outlet.


If you’re planning to have breakfast or lunch in the conference room, we’d love to help make it tastier. The Sandwich Shop takes advance delivery orders, and we deliver from Monday to Friday, 800am to 400pm.

Delivery is free for orders of $80 and up, within a 10-minute walking distance from any of our stores. Otherwise, a delivery fee applies.

Orders should be placed 1 working day in advance, and 2 days in advance for orders above $200. Your order is only confirmed once we contact you via phone or email. We don’t allow cancellation on the delivery date.

Alternatively, you can download our delivery form PDF here.

Contact Information

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Breakfast (700am – 1100am)
Mini Muffin

Freshly Baked Pastries
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Breakfast Hot Pot

Vegetarian Breakfast Hot Pot

Hot Breakfast Wrap

Ham & Egg Soft Bun

Portobello Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Soft Bun

Ham & Cheese French Croissant

Tuna Mayo on French Croissant

Oatmeal Porridge
choice of honey, chocolate or strawberry compote toppings
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Low Fat Granola with Milk

Museli Breakfast w/ Milk


Chicken Avocado

Coronation Chicken

Chicken Tikka

Massive All Day Breakfast

TSS Club

Tuna Sweetcorn

Smoked Turkey

Salmon & Egg

Spicy Thai Prawn

Roast Beef w/ Cheddar

Salad Special


Gourmet Egg Mayo

Mozzarella Mushroom

Double Cheese N’ Onion

Totally Salmon w/ Avocado

Ham & Cheese w/ Sundried Tomato

Egg Protein Pot

Poached Salmon Protein Pot

Chef’s Salad

Double Egg Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Tikka Salad

Prawn Garden Salad

Salmon Mozzarella Salad

Falafel w/ Hummus Salad

Crayfish Avocado Salad

Pasta Salad

Greek Salad

Brown Lentil Salad

Mediterranean Beans Salad

Quinoa Superfood Salad

U.S. Deli


Chicken Caesar

Teriyaki Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken

Avocado Cream Cheese


Brie & Ham

Bacon Swiss

Beef Pastrami

Chicken Tikka

Chicken & Back Bacon on Artisan Baguette

Spinach Ham & Cheese on Artisan Baguette

Tuna w/ Rocket Salad Artisan Baguette

Ploughman’s on Artisan Baguette

Spicy Cajun Chicken w/ Avocado Ciabatta

Atlantic Salmon w/ Boiled Egg White Ciabatta

Smoked Turkey w/ Cheese & Avocado Ciabatta

Double Beef w/ Parmesan Cheese & Sundried Tomato Ciabatta

Hot Stuff
Hot Chicken Thigh Protein Pot

Soup of the Day

Black Pepper Chicken Wrap

Chicken Meatball Wrap

Mozzarella Tomato Wrap

Quinoa Hot Pot

Lentil Feta Hot Pot

Warm Cous Cous Hot Pot

Falafel Cous Cous in Pumpkin Soup

Yoghurt Pot
choice of honey granola, wildberries, strawberry or apple museli toppings
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Fruits & Yoghurt Bowl

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Mixed Fruit Salad

2-A-Day Fruit Pot
rockmelon & blueberries

3-A-Day Fruit Pot
pomegranate, strawberries & blueberries

Apple Crumble

Lemon Cheesecake

Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse

Lemon Icing Cake

Homemade Banana Cake

Granola Bars Pot



Long Black

Flat White




Caramel Latte

Vanilla Latte

Hazelnut Latte

Chai Latte

Matcha Latte

Hot Chocolate

Iced Chocolate

TSS House Juices
choice of orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry apple juice
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TSS Mineral Water

Red Cold Pressed Juice
apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger

Green Cold Pressed Juice
lime, apple, ginger, celery, spinach, cucumber

Red Smoothie
strawberry, banana, green apple, lemon

Green Smoothie
avocado, green apple, coconut water, spinach

Yellow Smoothie
mango, banana, passionfruit

Canned Drinks
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Coconut Water

Sparkling Water

English Breakfast Tea

Earl Grey Tea

Camomile Flowers Tea

Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Hot Seller Platter
16 quarters

All Chicken Platter
16 quarters

Seafood Platter
16 quarters

Veggie Platter
16 quarters

Wrap Platter
12 pieces

Baguette Platter
12 pieces

Light Sandwich Platter
20 quarters

TSS Green Salad
serves 6 - 8 pax

Pasta Salad
serves 6 - 8 pax

Greek Salad
serves 6 - 8 pax

Mediterranean Beans Salad
serves 6 - 8 pax

Mini Assorted Muffins Platter
20 pieces

Mini Danish Pastries Platter
28 pieces

Croissant Selection Platter
10 pieces

Mini Curry Puff Platter
25 pieces

Mini Chicken Pies Platter
25 pieces

Cookies Platter
20 pieces

Mixed Fruits Platter
serves 6 - 8 pax

Yoghurt Pots Platter
10 pots

Freshly Brewed Coffee/Tea Flask
serves 8 - 12 pax
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start with
good people

Looking for a part-time or full-time job? We’re always looking for people who care about good food. If you think like we do, fill up this form and we will get in touch with you.

What We Believe In
We love making good sandwiches. We’re passionate about food, freshness and quality.

We value our company, but it’s our employees and customers who keep us in business. 

We want to make a connection with every individual who walks into our shop, whether colleague or customer.

We guarantee freshness in each and every sandwich.

We work 5 days a week.

You get your weekends off.

Part-time and full-time positions available.

Uniforms provided.

Our Staff meals are as delicious as anything we serve our customers.

Now Hiring

Asst Managers
Team Leaders
Sandwich Makers
Salad Makers


Opening Hours
Mondays to Thursdays

We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.